GAMEBOY [2014]

Sebastian Berweck

f* for music [2012]

leise Dröhnung

inane prattle[2013]

Lucerne Festival Ensemble

dir. Chin-Chao Lin

electrified memories of bloody cherries [2011]

Bang on a Can All-Stars

for travelers like angels or vampires [2012]

Ensemble BESIDES

just before after [2010]

Ensemble Interface

empty music [2014]

Ensemble Recherche

greetings from a doppelgänger [2013]

Ensemble Garage

sky-me, type-me [2011]

Ensemble Garage

hand saw Welt-All Stars. generously[2012]

Ensemble Garage

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bloody cherries


  1. 1.electrified memories of bloody cherries

  2. 2.2. for travellers like angels or vampires

  3. 3.hand saw Welt-All Stars. generously

  4., type-me

  5. 5.pores open wide shut

  6. 6.f* for music

  7. 7.greetings from a doppelgaenger

Mariano Chiacchiarini

Ensemble Garage

Ensemble Interface

leise Droehnung


happy deaf people

European Workshop for Contemporary Music

Eva Boesch - cello, Ruediger Bohn - dir.

Warsaw Autumn 2012

CD no. 4

open the box! #2

Dariusz Przybylski - organ

Requiem Records/Opus Series