Title: box of presence / everybody can be present

Subtitle: green room

Year: 2016

Duration: 7 days

Genre: performative installation (real-life performance)

Lineup: 1 performer & visitors

Material: room-size living-box, green screen, fresh grass, white sofa/bed, sketch books, pencils & pastels, instant camera, video projector, customized games (ludo, cards), letter paper, envelops, stamps, white spray paint, dais/platform

Commissioned by: Poesie des Wohnens Festival, Frankfurt am Main


day 1 (Monday) touch

Activity: real sleep with real hug

day 2 (Tuesday) home

Activity: drawing home

day 3 (Wednesday) selfie nation

Activity: selfie party

day 4 (Thursday) gaming

Activity: gaming day

day 5 (Friday) psycho tests

Activity: psychological tests

day 6 (Saturday) storytelling

Activity: life storytelling

day 7 (Sunday) free expression

Activity: free expression in selected medium

Venue details:

Venue should be placed in a city center with a good traffic and easy access for passersby. For example at the main market square or main shopping street in the city. Post box or post office near by.

The venue could be a small, room-size “window” gallery or built especially for the installation small living box fully furnished and with access to water, shower, toilet, kitchen

The performance regarding to its long-duration and setting in public space functions well as a community project. Performance may be programed within any cultural festival.

Material details:

  1. 1)room-size box, approximate dimension 3m x 4m x 5m. Walls of the room covered with green screen fabric or suitable acrylic paint. Front of the room - wall-size window with glass-door

  2. 2)window equipped with curtain that matches color of walls

  3. 3)floor covered with fresh grass

  4. 4)room furnished with: sofa/bed, small table, shelf, several chairs, armchair. All furnitures white and regionally designed

  5. 5)toilet, shower, small kitchen must be located next to the installation

  6. 6)setup of furnitures varies different each day. Necessary hooks on the ceiling to hang the table and chairs

  7. 7)storage room near by to keep furnitures when not used on some day (f.e. on the day 1 in the installation there should be only sofa/bed. rest of furnitures should be stored nearby to setup at night for next day)

  8. 8)white bed sheets, pillows and covers

  9. 9)amount of sketch books, pencils, pastels depends on expected number of visitors

  10. 10) amount of film for instant camera depends on expected number of visitors

  11. 11) small video projector

  12. 12) customized games must be covered with white paint

  13. 13) amount of letter paper, envelops and stamps depends of expected number of visitors

  14. 14) few cans of white paint - concrete number depends of expected number of visitors

Technical requirements:


  1. 1)PA stereo

  2. 2)audio mixer

  3. 4)audio interface

  4. 5)computer

  5. 6)wireless, handhold microphone for voice

  6. 7)microphone stand

  7. 8)voice FX (reverb, distortion, pitch shifter, harmonizer, delay)

  8. 9)1 sound engineer familiar to the venue system and mixer


1) white neon lights

  1. 2)long LED light, movable, adjustable

  2. 3)1 light producer familiar to the venue system and mixer

day 1 touch

Visitors are welcome in the green room by the artist and asked to hug, or to sit together on the couch and hold the hands, or to take a nap together.  The aim is to bring the real touch back.

day 2 home

Visitors are welcome to visit green room to talk about what does it mean nowadays to have a home. What makes some place to become a home. What are the necessary features to feel good at home. Moderated talks accompany drawing sessions. On the evening all the wrks are exhibited in the green room window.

day 3 selfie nation

Visitors are welcome to step by to the green room to pose and to make a instant camera selfies, portraits or group portraits.  Photo sessions accompany moderated talks about self confidence, importance in the today society of self confidence, how the appearance influences perception of a person etc.

day 4 gaming

On the fourth day visitors are invited to play games together. Games are used as impulse to talk about rules, rules of the society, rules of the democracy.

day 5 psycho testing

On the fifth day audience is asked to fill in psychological tests.

day 6 life storytelling

Audience is invited to share their life stories in form of interviews, or writing a letter or writing a postcard.

day 7 free expression

Audience is asked to express whats important for their life. Green box functions as a free stage for everyone.




Artist & Composer


         © Jagoda SZMYTKA