Title: DIY or DIE

Year: 2017

Duration: 5 days

Genre: vaudeville in 5 parts with 5 extensions

Commissioned by: Eclat Festival Stuttgart

Supported by: Hansmann-Poethen Stipend, Musik der Jahreshundert adn Literaturhaus Stuttgart

DIY or DIE: vaudeville


part 1 sky

part 2 bullet

part 3 free hugs

part 4 selfie heroes

part 5 riot

DIY or DIE: real-life extensions

extension 1 riot

extension 2 selfie heroes

extension 3 free hugs

extension 4 bullet

extension 5 sky

Form details:


Duration: 40 minutes

Venue: standard theatre stage (medium size)

Instrumentation: 1 performer, 1 dancer, trumpet solo, ensemble (clarinet, bassoon, violin, e-bass, percussion)

Media: electronics, video and light projection

Material: wall made of paper boxes (dimension ca 7 m x 4 m), paintball bunker “M” (dimension ca 6 m x 3 m), swing, portable green screen set, handhold banners and placards

Costumes: black and white urban style outfits


extension 1 riot

Duration: short intervention, up to several minutes

Genre: riot

Lineup: political activists

Venue: foyer or/and stage of the theatre. Riot should interfere with the vaudeville performance

extension 2 selfie heroes

Duration: several days according to the opening hours

Genre: selfie booth

Lineup: passersby

Venue:  shopping mall near by theatre house

extension 3 free hugs

Duration: several hours according to the festival/event planning

Genre: performance

Lineup: 1 performer

Venue: foyer of the theatre, surrounding of the theatre (place in front, surrounding streets)

extension 4 sky

Duration: 30 minutes

Genre: audio-walk with music performance

Instrumentation: music band, local performance artist

Venue: rooftop of the highest building in the city

extension 5 bullet

Duration: depending on the amount of registered players (from 1 hour to whole day within opening hours)

Genre: paintball game

Lineup: 1 performer, 2 paintball teams, players

Venue: paintball hall



Video introduction displayed on the wall made of paper cardboard boxes.

Voice (off stage) explains the story of the Millennial generation and the role that the fall of Berlin wall played in forming Millennial generation.



fall of the wall after video introduction



big “M” -  original paintball balloon and the characters starring in the piece - the “Millennials”


part 2 selfie hero

“Selfie nation, millennial generation”!

Part 2  thematizes “beauty” in the modern society. Prinz  (the dancer) dances to music in the “voguing” style, imitating the characteristic poses struck by a model on a catwalk. 

extension 1 riot

First real-life extension entitled “riot” is a short intervention on stage -  is an activists’ statement. Invited by the artist, Green party activists could use the stage to manifest their opinion. The activists could use the stage as they wanted. Nothing here was staged nor controlled so that theatre served as open public space: as free space for free people. 

Vaudeville stage has served as a “free platform” and this was the only moment when the two worlds - the performative world (vaudeville) and the real world (activists) mixed in real time together.

extension 2 selfie-heroes

Second real-life extension entitled “selfie-heroes” is a DIY customized photo booth (as one can find at the weddings or corporation parties). In the foyer of the theatre audience could visit the booth with customized backdrop and props (all props in the photo booth are integrated with aesthetic of the set design (vaudeville) and video introduction (vaudeville)). Every visitor could play with props and pose to take an instant self-portrait. Each printed, signed “diy or diy” could be taken home as a memory or little diy-made artwork.

extension 3 free hugs

Third real-life extension entitled “free hugs” was a short performance - the artist in the “pierrot” costume was walking around the theatre offering free hugs.

extension 4 sky

The fourth extension was an audio walk and performance on the rooftop of the highest building of the city. Each visitor had to climb the stairs to the highest floor. The tour guide was instructing the audience to focus and to listen carefully to increased heartbeat. After climbing to stairs everyone could see breath taking view with the panorama of entire city and listen to gentle songs.

extension 5 bullet

The fifth extension is a paintball game. A professional team was guiding and introducing participants to the rules of the game and the ethics of the behaviour on the playground.




Artist & Composer


         © Jagoda SZMYTKA